At the very end of class I pass out cards to students with pictures of animals on the front and information about that animal on the back. Students are required to tell me how that animal is like them before they leave class. It can be a physical or a mental similarity.


“I’m like a rhino because I seem calm, but deep down I get aggressive.”

“I am like a walrus, because he has long tusks sticking out of his face and I have these big piercings sticking out of mine.” (HA!)

“I’m like a python because we are both skinny. And dangerous.”

“I’m like a hippo because we are both LAZY.”

“I’m like a Zebra, because we are BLACK, with white stripes, not white, with black stripes.”

“I’m like a tiger. Because we are fast. And unpredicatble.”

“I’m like a koala. Because I’m friendly.” (Psst: Koalas are so NOT friendly!;)

“I’m like a monkey. Because when I laugh I SCREAM!”


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