Oh my third year…is the charm…

I love teaching, there is literally NEVER a dull moment. But freshmen may be starting to get to me after three years. I calculate with my class sizes that I have taught nearly 400 of them already, and it is great, fun, and crazy, but sometimes I question my grasp of reality.

Take for instance the conversation (sketched out here) I had with ‘Barry’ just yesterday.

Barry: “Can I sit in the back?”

Me: “Barry, you need to sit in front. I moved you there on purpose. You have an F in my class, and a few other classes for that matter. Why do you think you have that grade?”

Barry: “Umm… probably because I sit in the back and screw around too much.” He says it with a wide smile with green braces.

Me: “So, I want you to do better next quarter, so please understand why I want you to sit in the front.”

Barry, “Ok, umm hmm, yeah.” Nods. Smiles. Green braces.

Me: “Okay, lets go have a seat.”

Barry: “Okay. So can I sit in the back?”

One thing I know for certain now: If I ever have to raise a teenager, there will be at least a few things I can see coming. I don’t know if that’s good or bad…


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