Just a short one here – notes on a Friday.

I complain to my freshman lead teacher about how I’ve gotten excessive calls to sub for classes since I started working at this new school. Today she asks me to sub for Monday. Err…

I get so tired of working by Friday I like to play games instead, always learning games of course. We played a couple today, including “Take a Stand.” I read statements and students stand up if it applies to them. “Take a stand if you are an only child. Take a stand if your parents are divorced. Take a stand if you’ve ever been discriminated against.” Today my desks were arranged in a circle when they walked in and 3 out of 4 classes take their seats and talk amongst themselves. But not 5th hour! That is my special class. They come in at full volume and immediately start the wave going, shouting and laughing when someone doesn’t catch on and do it. Needless to say halfway through I got a phone call from a teacher next door complaining about the noise, because her students were trying to read. It’s Friday afternoon! Why are you making your kids read silently?! They probably wish they were in my class!  It’s the end of a long AIMS testing week. They are freshmen. They are loud. Deal with it.

I love this time of year. It is when the students finally start coming in to my room before and after school, just to hang out and talk. No longer afraid or too cool or distracted by other things. They have no agenda to speak of, they just want to visit with me. It reminds me why I became a teacher. Take a stand if you love kids – even snotty teenagers!


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One Response to Friday

  1. john Lampignano says:


    Beautiful reflection provided in this post. You do have the heart of a teacher. It is a gift that you share with your students daily. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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